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Drug Informer

Since 2009, Aculus has worked hard to transform and organize the vast, unstructured chaos of patient voices from disparate corners of the web into a single, cohesive and organized data source for medical research. These efforts have born fruit in the Druginformer project which made its online debut in November 2010.

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Aculus leverages a team of experienced data miners, interface experts, and detail-oriented data engineers to deliver custom voice aggregation for large data sets of raw user reviews. Our team works with mid to large sized enterprises to gather and aggregate relevant product reviews.

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Aculus is proud of work done for the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) in developing and maintaining a suite of analytics tools to aid in all levels of organizational management across a broad spectrum of source data systems and user groups.

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Website OptimizationAculus’ team of experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet marketing professionals will provide a range of SEO services including SEO strategy consultation, keyword research, SEO design, development and analysis to ensure your website stays competitive in search engines.

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Web and Mobile ContractingAt Aculus, our goal is to build successful e-commerce websites for our clients. Our solutions are based on satisfying custom business objectives and needs. We measure success against standard business and web performance metrics, such as: revenue, ROI, visit volume, and search engine referrals to ensure the quality of our work.

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