Druginformer Homepage

Since 2009, Aculus has worked hard to transform and organize the vast, unstructured chaos of patient voices from disparate corners of the web into a single, cohesive and organized data source for medical research. These efforts have born fruit in the Druginformer project which made its online debut in November 2010.

Druginformer Results Page

Druginformer pulls data from the largest public user review sites and forums. This content is then parsed for patient demographic information, and explicit drug ratings before being fed through our highly customized and fine-tuned adverse event extraction engine.

Our adverse event extraction engine utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and a set of over 150,000 human generated adverse event labels to filter candidate adverse events to contain only genuine, human-experienced, adverse events.

Druginformer currently has information from social media and the FDA’s official AERS database for thousands of FDA approved prescription medications and OTC products.